I am a team lead for game called Expedition Zero, and we were working with Sam for more over a year. Sam was responsible for sound design, sound production, sound programming and managing of voice actors. Not only was the cooperation with Sam very professional, but also very enjoyable on a personal level. Everything has been always delivered on time, if there was a hurdle, it was not a problem to talk during the weekends, and Sam always optimized our workflow to be even better, so time would be saved and the final quality would be greater. For me personally, what I really appreciate about Sam is, that he understood how the game should actually sound. Therefore he took responsibility for it, and there was no need for any back and forth. In simpler terms – We request audio for a level, and in half a day it’s there, where it should be, and sounding how it should sound. That has helped me personally so I had time to focus on other tasks and responsibilities. If anyone is thinking about working with Sam, I strongly suggest to do so. In the next project we will.

-Pavel Necas (Enigmatic Machines)

Working with Sam was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. He was receptive and insightful at every opportunity, and his energy and passion towards the project was apparent. Sam worked with my rather tight schedule excellently, and delivered quality audio that has dramatically increased the overall quality of the project. Based on my experience overall, I would highly recommend him as an audio designer moving forward.

-Ryan Weatherford (Euclid Games)

“I think I got more than I paid for The work with mister Dutton-Taylor was highly productive. All my users have shown surprisingly good reactions to the music he created. The task I gave him might have been slightly uncommon but he took the time to work out a solution for my special request and even after the milestone was completed, took the time to send even better results. During the employment he did his best to fulfil my requests and spent his time in coming up with his own good ideas. He’s shown excellent skills and motivation and i will employ him again when a new task arises.”

Jonas – (Upwork Client)

Working with Sam was a breeze. Fom our very first conversation when Sam shared a demo of his work for my game In My Shadow, Sam has always ensured that he understands the requirement and meets the expectations even if that meant going an extra mile or two. He has always been very prompt and organized which made my job a lot easier of finding the right SFX feel for my game. Overall, I was very pleased with the output that I got and Sam’s professional yet friendly work style made the entire experience a complete joy.

– Nakul Verma (Playbae Games)